“Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” -Carl Jung

Sand play therapy is a technique for accessing the unconscious more directly in order to make it conscious. The first step is choosing different figurines and objects and placing them in the sand to create a world. The second step is where, with my facilitation, you will experience these objects from inside their reality.

In doing so you give voice to a part of your internal world normally not accessed. The whole process relies much more on right brain imagination and intuition than left brain logic and analysis. It is somewhat akin to dreaming while awake. I use this method with both individuals and couples.

Sandtray Figurines

There is a huge assortment of figurines to choose from

Sand Trays

You can pick from sand of many colors and textures


The short answer is "as often as you want." The longer answer is that most people need to find their own rhythm, between using sand play to go deeply and using traditional talk mode to integrate the material unearthed through the sand tray process.
The methodology was devised in the 1920s, but children quite naturally have been playing this way for millennia.
There is no need to play like a child. You will play like an adult, which means you will simply ask your analytic mind to cooperate while you let yourself choose images, create a scene, and talk about your creation with my facilitation. Even if you were to purposely try, you cannot do it wrong.
No. Having insight into 5% of what comes forth will be more than enough for this to work.