Individual Therapy

Starting therapy can be intimidating. You worry what you might discover about yourself, what changes might be necessary, if it is going to be painful. Whether you're in a career that feels wrong for you or you suffer from a more general sense of being on the wrong path in your life, the pain you're feeling is your signal it's time for a course correction. What you will discover is that becoming yourself is the most natural thing in the world and your only real difficulty is in how much you fight against or cooperate with your own unfolding.

Couples Therapy

There are few things as painful as losing loving contact with your partner. There are few things as joyful as re-establishing the connection and remembering why you fell in love in the first place, when your connection matters more than who is right; when being together is more important than winning. The theory and methodology I use to work with couples is called Imago Relationship Therapy. I believe Imago theory is the most profound explanation for why we first fall in love and then struggle with the very person we once loved so fully.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine assisted psychotherapy is a relatively new, innovative mental health treatment for a wide variety of conditions, from treatment resistant depression and anxiety to PTSD and eating disorders. It is a very safe medicine and can be used flexibly in both low and high doses for different conditions and settings. In general it helps people get unstuck mentally in whole range of issues that involve negative or limiting self talk.

Sand Play Therapy

Sand play therapy is a technique for accessing the unconscious more directly in order to make it conscious. The first step is choosing different figurines and objects and placing them in the sand to create a world. The second step is where, with my facilitation, you will experience these objects from inside their reality. In doing so you give voice to a part of your internal world normally not accessed. The whole process relies much more on right brain imagination and intuition than left brain logic and analysis. It is somewhat akin to dreaming while awake. I use this method with both individuals and couples.

Couples Groups

It is liberating to recognize that your struggles are shared with other couples; that your relationship is more normal than you realized. A couples group is place where it is safe to be real in your relationship with your partner — in front of other people.